Riding Pony Mares
Torrensway Cover Girl
Black Dun
Kirreway Karltyn x Colmonel Puff

Multi Supreme Champ Led and Ridden including
Supreme Champion Part Welsh QLD All Welsh show

Bordershow Breaking Loose (by Langtree Dignity) retained
Bordershow Bedazzled (By Cedar lakes Oliver
Bordershow Bright Eyes (by Cedar lakes Oliver)
Bordershow Buccaneer (By Bordershow Lord of the Dance)
Bordershow Black Magic (by Bordershow Lord of the Dance)
Bordershow Breaking Loose
Langtree Dignity x Torrensway Cover Girl

Multi Supreme Champion including Supreme Champion Part Welsh QLD All Welsh Show

Bordershow Footloose (By Bradmore Toy Soldier imp) retained
Bordershow Fancy Free (By Falconhurst Boy Blue)
winner of Reserve Champion Novice Pony Hack Perth Royal
Bordershow Fleur de Lis (By Falconhurst Boy Blue)
Song and Dance of Astral
Strinsdale Matador (UK) x Tallyrand Spring Flower

First Riding Pony born in Australia using AI from the UK

LJS Sing Song (By Silkwood Chalkstream) retained
Bordershow Stow Fair (By Sufton Romany Lore imp) Dec
Bordershow Just Joey (By Cedar Lakes Oliver) Dec.
Bordershow Sail Away (By Falconhurst Boy Blue)
Bordershow Singstar (By Bordershow The Tempter) retained.

LJS Singsong
Silkwood Chalkstream x Song and Dance of Astral

Bordershow The Sweetest Thing (By Cedar lakes Oliver) retained. Multi Supreme Champion led including winner of the 2yo All breeds futurity Toowoomba Royal
Bordershow Boy Scout (by Falconhurst Boy Blue) Winner of Champion Small Pony Hack Brisbane Royal 2010, Reserve Champion Small Pony Melbourne Royal, Runner Up Small Pony EFA Nationals 2009
Bordershow Sugar n Spice (By Cedar lakes Oliver)
Bordershow Super Trooper (By Bordershow The Tempter)
Bordershow The Sweetest Thing
Cedar lakes Oliver x LJS Sing Song
Multi Supreme Champion led including winner of the 2yo All breeds futurity Toowoomba Royal

Bordershow Sweet Pea (By Falconhurst Boy Blue)
2nd Brisbane Royal 2yo Riding Pony Filly
Bordershow Sweet Escape
(By Bordershow The Tempter)
Bordershow Footloose
Bradmore Toy Soldier (imp) x Bordershow Breaking Loose

Bordershow Fantasia (By Falconhurst Boy Blue)
Langtree Dancing in the Dark
Jackets Bluebird (imp) x Langtree Miss Dana

Bordershow Dancing Queen (By Tarkarri Marcus) Multi Supreme Champ winner led and ridden including Supreme Champion Part Welsh QLD All Welsh Show, Supreme Champion APSB Riding Pony QLD APSB SHow
Bordershow Tapdance (By Cedar Lakes Oliver) retained
Bordershow Dancing with the Stars (by Falconhurst Boy Blue) successful led pony.
Bordershow Dance Away (by Tarkarri Marcus)

Kelvin Grove Shireen
Kirreway Outlook x Kelvin Grove Kieva

Bordershow Lady Marmalade (By Bordershow Lord of the Dance. retained
Bordershow Bling (By Falconhurst Boy Blue)
Bordershow Shimmer (By Falconhurst Boy Blue)

Bordershow Lady Marmalade
Bordershow Lord of the Dance x Kelvin Grove Shireen

Bordershow Lady Gaga (By Bordershow The Tempter)
Weston Prunella
Rotherwood Acrobat (imp) x Weston Parasol (imp)

Bordershow Revolutions (By Braefoot Park Rosewood) Successful Led and Ridden
Bordershow Dark Angel (By Bordershow Lord of the Dance)
Bordershow Constantine (By Falconhurst Boy Blue)
Bordershow Castiel (By Falconhurst Boy Blue)
Kingswood Charm
Imperial Marquis x Kingswood Myfanwy

Bordershow Prince Charming (by Cedar Lakes Oliver)
Dec. Very successful child's pony
Bordershow Vanilla Ice (By Tarkarri Marcus)
Successful Led and ridden.
Bordershow Caramel Cream (By Bordershow Lord of the Dance)
Bordershow Gingerbread Man (By Bordershow Lord of the Dance)
Karwal Park Simone
Owendale Grantley x Petherton Park Lady Lightening

Bordershow Oliver Twist (by Cedar Lakes Oliver)
Bordershow Dark n Stormy (by Cedar Lakes Oliver)
Bordershow Cosmopolitan (By Bordershow The Tempter) Dec
Bordershow Pina Colada (By Falconhurst Boy Blue)
Bordershow Brandy Alexander (By Falconhurst Boy Blue)
Helden Park Centrefold (Thoroughbred)
Captain Piper x Miss Snow Thief
Winner of many led and ridden events at Royal Level including Reserve Champion Led Thoroughbred Mare at Brisbane Royal

Bordershow Zambucca (By Willowcroft Explorer) Successful showjumper and eventer
Bordershow Centrepage (By Pendley Gold Cup imp)
Bordershow Centrefold (By Falconhurst Boy Blue) Successful Led and Ridden
Bordershow Centrestage (By Falconhurst Boy Blue)

Bordershow Touch of Satin
Cedar Lakes Oliver x Wingana Touch of Silk

Bordershow Soft Touch (By Bordershow The Tempter)
Bordershow Evening Star
Janinos Little Joker (imp) Carinda Park Espirit

Bordershow Super Star (By Falconhurst Boy Blue)
Cedar Lakes Ladybird
Ascot Royal Portrait x Ashvale Lucky Charm

Bordershow Crackerjack (by Falconhurst Boy Blue)
Australian Pony Mares (also registered Riding Pony)
Blue Denim Trudee
Amaranda Jacob x Kelvin Grove Twinkle

Won many Supreme Champions led including Supreme Australian Pony Toowoomba Royal as a 2yo.

Bordershow Tinkerbell (By Cedar Lakes Oliver) Dec
Bordershow Tom Sawyer (By Tarkarri Marcus) Dec
Bordershow Tiger Lily (By Falconhurst Boy Blue)
Bordershow Thumbelina (By Bordershow The Tempter)
Bordershow Tatiana (By Falconhurst Boy Blue)
Robarie Emya
Robarie Manchenie x Robarie Estralita

Bordershow Rocket Man (By Tarkarri Marcus) Many Supremes led and now a successful child's pony
Bordershow Uptown Girl (By Bordershow Lord of the Dance)
Bordershow Mr Tamborine Man (By Bordershow the Tempter)
Bordershow Barbie Girl (By Falconhurst Boy Blue)
Brunswicks Dark Emperous
Milbong Highlander x Araluen Mystery

Bordershow Jackaroo (By Tarkarri Marcus)
Bordershow Toy Boy (By Falconhurst Boy Blue)
Bordershow Tiny Teddy (By Bordershow The Tempter)