Bordershow Blue Denim  (Andy) blue & white
Bordershow Mr Chips x Trumagik Sugar n Spice
The Boys
The Girls
Bordershow Razzamatazz  (Jedda)
Bordershow Blue Denim x Bordershow Dance with Me
Knowlanhue Penny Lane  (Laney) red & white
Aust CH Kayani Seein Stars x Bordershow Denim n Lace
L-R Bordershow Mr Chips, Bordershow Mr Perfect (Full  brothers)
CL Clear
CEA Clear
TNS Clear
CL Clear by parentage
CEA Clear by parentage
Photo credit Steve Brennan
Andy's daughter Tink. Bordershow Tap Dance
(full sister to Jedda)
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CL Clear
CEA Clear
Bordershow Roset at 15 years of age
Bordershow Eclipse (Edward)
Bordershow Little Joker AD JD x Knowlanhue Penny Lane
CL CEA clear by parentage
TNS tested Clear
Bordershow Twilight (Bella)
GD CH Showioz Makin Waves x Bordershow Razzamatazz
CL CEA, TNS  clear by parentage.
Bordershow Up Up N Away (Alaska)
Bordershow Blue Denim x Bordershow High Flyer

CL CEA clear by parentage

Pukawidgee Rustic Tor (Rupert)
GD Ch Monochrome Maestro x Pukawidgee Shimmer O Light
CL CEA TNS Clear by Parentage
Bordershow Strawberries N Cream (Jaffa) Red & White
Bordershow Eclipse x Bordershow Twilght
CL, CEA, TNA Clear by parentage